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CAPCAST with Josh Nulph

Mar 18, 2019

Bill Furedy, owner of United Industrial Group joins Josh Nulph on Episode 4 of CAPCast. This is a great episode about what it is truly like to build your own company. 

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Feb 11, 2019

Dawn Keefer joins Josh Nulph on episode two of CAPCast. Dawn has just begun her second term as State Representative for the 92nd Legislative District. From the public sector to the private sector, Dawn shares her experiences and stories about why capitalism works.  



Jan 29, 2019

Aaron Bernstine joins Josh Nulph today on CAPCast. Aaron is a Pennsylvania State Representative from the 10th Legislative District. Josh and Aaron met during the 2018 election cycle when Josh ran for State Representative in the 33rd Legislative District. 

Today Aaron talks about his live before public serve, what...